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Our hard landscaping services include Decking, Fencing, & Brickwork in addition to turfing and earth moving etc. Whether you want to extend your home into your garden or just create a tranquil hideaway, Decking is a pleasant alternative to patios. We only use very high quality deck boards and deck joists to create a beautiful area for you to enjoy. Consider adding deck panels or railings to add another dimension or recessed lighting in the decking to create a lovely ambiance in your landscaped garden. Fencing will create a private and sheltered space to your garden. Whether its replacing existing fencing or erecting new fencing, we can show you the array of different types and styles that are currently on the market. We pride ourselves on supplying the very best landscaping service available to your budget.

Gallery Link to examples of Landscape Work by Transform Landscapes, Salisbury

landscape gardening in Salisbury
landscape gardening